Lynne Matthew Bob Venter
RWRC is a true ‘family run’ organization.
Bob & Lynne Venter and Matthew started it, even though he was at the tender age of 8, during 1995. The family initially did all the work with the animals as well as any construction work.
We have combined experience in primate rehabilitation for 50 years, we like to think of ourselves as ‘*Primate Specialists’. At one stage we only dealt with monkeys, but we have received more animal and bird species as well as other primates. *Primates refer to vervet monkeys, baboons, samango monkeys and both the lesser and the thick-tailed bush babies.
Bob and Lynne - have 34 years combined experience in the rehabilitation of humanised, traumatised vervet monkeys (be they adults or orphans), all buck and antelopes, birds, reptiles and smaller cat species. Bob has been acknowledged and is registered as a Primatologist in the World Directory of Primatologists in 2004, Lynne has been registered on the same since 2006. We are also members of the organisation caring about and researching primates, namely PEGG. (This is the PRIMATE ECOLOGY AND GENETICS GROUP; this organisation consists of academics from all over the world that are really concerned about primate populations in Africa and especially in South Africa.)
Together they have been working on the high standards at the centre, and SA Government has accepted Bob and Lynne’s rehabilitation protocols and is in the process of implementing these standards of their rehabilitation programme in all other Provinces.
Matthew -for 16 years Matthew has had to share in the dreams of his parents, he is completely able to explain how everything at Riverside is done and why it is done in a certain way. He is fully capable of running the Centre from A-Z. Matthew completed his academic school career in 2005. During 2006 he completed his FGASA Level 1 Field Guide Course; and volunteers all agree that he is excellent in ‘teaching’ them about nature and wildlife!
He is basically responsible for the day-to-day working with volunteers, assisting with questions regarding running of centre and rehabilitation program.
He has been promoted to manager he does volunteer liaison, and is also in charge of various excursions, and being in the same age group as many volunteers is able to help them experience the views and ideas of SA’s youth.