Volunteers from all over the world have been assisting with the daily running of RWRC since 2002. Without the help and enthusiasm for what gets done at Riverside it would have been much more difficult to continue with all daily routines and maintenance at RWRC.
Meet new friends who share your passion for animals and create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!
It is impossible to guarantee that volunteers will work with/handle more than monkeys and baboons when at the centre, but... as we are getting more and more different species of animals/birds in, it is difficult to predict what we’ll actually handle while they are here! At times we receive monkeys from other centers, the government and the NSPCA - which means that we could receive groups of 25+!
We hope to be able to release at least two troops of rehabilitated monkeys back to the wild per year, and there is a lot of organization, research and monitoring involved in this.

Volunteers must realize that there is a lot more to operating rehabilitation centre than just feeding and cleaning and handling animals, here they are also involved in the maintenance and construction of the centre! As a volunteer you are a part of our organization. By working you will have a learning experience with all daily routines at a rehabilitation centre; including hands-on work with animals at RWRC.
Buliding new enclosure, planting veges, making cahes
                                    Building New Enclosure                          Planting Vegetables                           Making New Cages
As a guideline the following timetable will give volunteers an idea of what their day will be like.
07h00 -               Cleaning cages, preparing food and feeding of animals.
Cleaning clinic, preparing food, harvesting food
                                            Cleaning Clinic                                     Preparing Food                                Harvesting  Food
09h00 -      Breakfast
10h00 - 13h00   Continue with feeding and cleaning if not complete, check for   injuries or any discomfort with casualties in clinic and report to management.               
Work on projects as specified by management and project leaders.
Monitor animals in enclosures and elsewhere.
13h00 - 14h00   Lunch
14h00 - 17h00   Afternoon programs vary from building new enclosures planting
vegetables (for animals), checking animals in various stages of rehabilitation
programs, collecting food, or sometimes having some time off to go on
excursions or just personal time to do whatever volunteers want to do.
18h00 -      Dinner  
19h30 -      Feeding of nocturnal animals, if any at the centre.
But… anything can happen, and then the entire day’s planning changes!

Volunteers work totally hands on with the animals at the centre, so

much so that during the months when the orphaned babies start

arriving at RWRC, then volunteers take turns with the day and night

duties for looking after, feeding and caring for them.

 Bottle feeding babies 2/3 hourly, orphaned baby warthog, feeding bushbabies, feeding baby baboons

                                              Bottle Feeding 2/3 Hourly  Orphaned Warthog     Feeding Bushbabies        Feeding Baboons



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