Experience Africa at its best in rustic accommodation built in unspoilt SA bush! Wake up in the morning with birdsong outside your window and drift off to sleep after a hard day working under the African sun with typical bush night sounds to calm you down.
When all volunteer jobs have been completed cool off with a swim in the pool or just relax at the river watching birds or enjoying a true South African sunset! During summer months at sunset the banks of the river are transformed into a 'fairy scene' with hundreds of fireflies.
Volunteers are housed in two big dormitories; Loerie's Rest accommodates 7, Owl's Barn 9, and then Woodpecker Inn can accommodate 4-6, while 3-4 people can sleep in Fish Eagle Cabin.
We can accommodate couples seperately in our Kingfisher Hut if you so wish.
Owls barn  & Kingfisher Hut
                                                Owls Barn Dormitory                                          Kingfisher Hut
Sleeping outside can be arranged.
Laundry gets done at a small extra fee, to cover washing powder, electricity and labor! 
We supply sheets, duvets and pillows, blankets in winter and a sleeping bag helps when it gets really cold!
Mosquito nets aren't really necessary, but some volunteers feel ‘safer’ with a net! Mosquito nets are a lot cheaper in SA than elsewhere in the world so buy them here if you want one.

The volunteer village site has toilets and hot water shower facilities.

Shower under sun/stars or relax in pool after working

                                                               Unique Showers                                          Relax in Pool after Working

Catering for our volunteers there will be breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day at the office complex at the front gate.  


Contact Lynne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for prices, assistance, confirmation of dates, more information etc.