A picture says more than a thousand words - so the saying goes, and that is no truer than
pictures of volunteers working with animals at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.
If you are thinking about volunteering but you’re not quite sure, have a look through these
pictures and at some comments of previous volunteers. Most previous volunteers will
also give prospective volunteers advice about what to expect.
Contact Lynne (again!) for details and answers to any questions.
                        A FEW COMMENTS FROM PAST VOLUNTEERS 
Maren (20)(Germany) May 2011
My second time here, I love this place and the monkeys and I don’t want to leave. I have tears in my eyes and it is not easy
to explain what I feel here.
Franzi (20)(Germany) August 2010
I really enjoyed my three weeks here, it was one of the biggest adventures in my life! Everybody should get this experience
once, thanks to everyone who helped to make my stay here so lovely. At the end of this three weeks I’m sure I’ll come back again.
Rhea (33)(NL) September 2010
The two weeks I’ve been here went very fast! I can really say I enjoyed my time here… I especially like to work with the animals
and that’s what I came to do.
Pess (49)(USA) September 2010
I am very happy I came here, what I learnt here was very helpful to me personally and professionally, so I must say Thank You
from the bottom of my heart. Hope this place continues to teach others what is best for both Animals and Humans.
Rebecca (25) (UK) March 2011
I don’t want to leave…. I love coming back, but I hate saying goodbye to the animals and people. I’m so pleased I could be
part of the release. Until next time I send my love, hugs & best wishes to you…. I will miss this place like crazy!
Carola (54)(Germany) March 2011
When I leave I do it with one laughing eye and one crying eye. When I leave I think about fourteen days with many new
experiences. When I leave I won’t forget you, it was an amazing time!
Maddy (24)(Germany) April 2011
My second visit and when I got here everything felt like I haven’t been away. The spirit the passion & love for the animals
was still the same. And that was what I loved…. Apart from that I experienced so many new things and had many
moments I will never forget. I will lock up everything deep in my heart! I leave this place with more intense feeling than
last time and I just want to say Thank You for everything!
Caroline (29)(Sweden) May 2011
I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. I can’t imagine living without having baboons around me so that’s going to
be really sad and I’m going to miss them so much! 

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