Due to the listing of the baboon (Papio ursinus), vervet monkey (Cercophitecus aethiops) red jackal (Canis mesomelas), caracal (rooikat) (Felis caracal) and bush pig (Potamochoerus porcus) species as "VERMIN" or "PROBLEM" animals by the South-African Provinces, it has been the cause of huge misconceptions. As a result the vervet monkey, baboon and predatory species in South Africa are misunderstood (due to the stigma attached to them being listed as "VERMIN"), it has given them a bad image in the eyes of the public and the farming communities.

Because of the exploitation and abuse of these listed and other wildlife species, the RIVERSIDE WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTRE (RWRC) was founded and developed. With a specially designed program we provide a temporary sanctuary for vervet monkeys and other wildlife casualties that have been taken out of the wild and kept in captivity or being used as pets. It is common knowledge that wild animal species do not make good household pets especially the vervet monkey biting the family, friends and breaking nearly all ornaments and other valued household items. At this point they lose their cuteness and the owners must get rid of them, with very limited options. Either to be handed over to the Authorities and other organizations to be killed or to be used in bio-medical research laboratories.
In our rehabilitation program we use the natural instincts of adult females to assist with the fostering of babies in the program. We went further and developed electrified steel wire mesh enclosures incorporating natural plants, trees and shrubs, in which we are able to rehabilitate the vervet monkeys and other wild animals in a natural environment.
cape enclosure + intro, baboons foraging in enclosure
                                               Side View of Cape Eclosure & Intro (R)                          Baboons Foraging in Enclosure
Introducing this method we have opened a window into the vervet monkey (Cercophitecus aethiops) and other wildlife species' behavior. This window allows us to observe the secret life of this remarkable yet most misunderstood non-human primate, and other species undergoing rehabilitation.

Our projects demand long studies especially with the
vervet monkeys. Our initial study of the vervet monkey troop and other species dynamics was the classroom in which we gained hands on experience from which our introduction techniques were developed. RWRC is committed and devoted to the study of the vervet monkey and other wildlife species. In return we can use and offer this knowledge for the betterment and survival of any vervet monkey or other wild animal species once becoming endangered.

Because of our wildlife rehabilitation success rate we identified the need to educate human species that is the main cause of the depletion of nature and its inhabitants. Therefore RWRC does not only deal in the welfare of wildlife, it is committed to educate the public, especially the youth, underprivileged and disabled as well as international students and volunteers in sustainable utilization of all natural resources.
With natural rehabilitation enclosures measuring more than 6 Ha and presently housing more than 500 monkeys and other wildlife species RWRC is not only the biggest primate rehabilitation centre in South Africa, but the biggest vervet monkey rehabilitation centre in the world, the only privately owned centre not receiving Corporate or Government funding!

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